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Meat Sensory: Steaks

Eolas International 107
Group 8419

Beef Steak Sensory Analysis

Laboratory & Sensory

Discover the intricate and critical sensorial properties that delight your consumers.

Project Background

Our client, a leader in the Irish beef processing industry, wanted to assess the meat eating quality of beef steak products across different processing conditions.

Eolas International 107
Group 8419
Eolas International 107
Group 8419

Client Objectives

More specifically, they wanted to understand the impact of different processing treatments upon the sensory quality of beef steaks. Furthermore, they wanted to explore and validate the influence of these processing treatments within the relationship between sensory profile and shelf-life.

Our Solution

We leveraged our in-house expert sensory panel to conduct descriptive analysis. Through our Trade Sampling service we sourced the required samples from the UK. Our in-house chef took a precise and consistent approach to sample preparation, cooking and presentation to ensure accurate output.

Eolas International 107
Group 8419


Group 8178

How did this service help our client?

We identified and described off-notes from the beef steaks that differed according to the type of processing treatment used. Our client confidently implemented a particular treatment for theirproduction process that would ensure the most optimum sensory quality.

Benefits of our Sensory Analysis service…

Generate an insightful understanding of sensory quality performance

Optimise sensory performance for your products and innovations

Identify key areas of superiority and differentiation verus competitors

Leverage an experienced team of independent experts

Employ your own testing requirements through our sensory panellist training

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