"Ensuring quality standards and quality performance meet consumer priorities – are we delivering a quality experience? Technologists often have to derive product quality standards with very little exposure to consumers’ actual perceptions of quality. Through understanding consumer experience and perceptions at the point of sale and during usage and consumption, Eolas International works with clients to design consumer driven quality standards. These standards are then used to assess the quality of products at the point of sale across any number of markets using our expert shopper and sensory analysis services. Clients can benefit from a continuous and comparative measure of the quality of their products on a global scale, allowing them to assign resources towards the exact areas needing improvement and investment.Directions for new product development – what are the gaps in the market? The early stages of New Product Development (NPD) involve a knowledge intensive process where the generation of new ideas and concepts requires detailed understanding of products characteristics and consumer preferences. Our product retrieval service can help clients identify new trends or directions in packaging or product profiles from around the world. We can help you better understand the functional and emotional needs which exist in relation to your category, and pinpoint areas of dissatisfaction with current offerings which can be exploited. Leveraging a batch of competitor and/or initial prototype products, we can conduct sensory profiling in tandem with consumer acceptance or preference testing; allowing us to identify the specific sensory characteristics which drive consumer liking in your category and point you towards the optimum product profile to maximize consumer preference.Monitoring product performance – how is my product being received in the marketplace? Early feedback on product performance and consumer reaction is especially critical for new product launches. Our expert shopping service can monitor how your product is being presented at retail, both in terms of merchandising and product/packaging quality delivery. We can also conduct sensory and technical tests to check that product quality delivery is as intended. We can get early consumer feedback on drivers of trial through understanding how your new product is perceived in-market and on-shelf, and identify possible barriers to repeat by checking their perception on performance of standard production product and packaging in the home and throughout the entire usage period.Product reformulation, repositioning or ingredient substitution - would consumers notice a difference? Changing consumer needs and preferences often necessitates modifications to a product’s formulation or recipe. Such changes can range from a reduction or removal of ‘unhealthy’ ingredients; such as salt, sugar or trans fats, to cost-effective ingredient substitution, to the addition of functional ingredients such as calcium or probiotic bacteria. However, a pertinent question remains: 'will consumers taste a difference between the original product and the revised product formulation?' Eolas International’s trained expert sensory panel can be used to check whether such differences exist, and if so, quantify them. Conducting sensory profiling in tandem with consumer acceptance or preference testing, allows us to identify the specific sensory characteristics driving consumer liking. Products can be reformulated until the required sensory profile is achieved.Directions for your communications strategy – how can I leverage my brand attributes to create a bond with consumers? Eolas International believes that a successful positioning and communications strategy must be ultimately rooted in easily recognised, motivating and distinctive characteristics of the product or brand. By linking these characteristics to their benefits and beyond to their resonance with consumer beliefs and values, we help our clients to design advertising and communications which bond their consumers to their brands.Gleaning new product ideas from international markets – what is working with consumers elsewhere? Concept ideation and concept generation represent the earliest steps in the NPD process. In the highly competitive global food and beverage market, successful new product launches require a greater understanding of consumer markets and current trends in order to anticipate changing consumer needs and preferences. Eolas International’s product retrieval service assists its clients track new product launches; identify new packaging and ingredients trends; and retrieve new products from international markets for detailed market and/or sensory analysis.Our consumer research team collaborates closely with our clients to design tailored research projects in order to answer their specific questions. Depending on client objectives they may recommmend quantitative methods like face-to-face interviews and product tests (in-store, in-home, on-street, hall test) and/or qualitative methods like focus group discussions or accompanied shops. The methodology used will be selected on the special needs of each client. Our experienced consumer research team will advice our clients with the best way to examine their questions.Our consumer research services and facilities can help you in the following areas:Delivering Consumer-Driven QualityUnderstand how consumers perceive the quality performance of your category and products Develop consumer-driven quality standards – prioritizing those issues to which consumers are most sensitive and identifying quality control thresholds based on consumer tolerances Evaluate the impact on overall perceived quality of changes in design or formulation New Product DevelopmentReduce risk and add inspiration in new product development by assessing consumer’s reaction to concept, product taste/performance, positioning, packaging, promotions/advertising and price Positioning StrategyUnderstand the functional and emotional needs which can be satisfied by your brand and product Determine which attributes of your brand and product are most appealing and differentiated from the consumer perspective Packaging DevelopmentAssess consumer reaction to design and usability of new or changed packaging, including fit with brand and positioning Pricing StrategyUnderstand the consumer perception of absolute price and the value equation, and the role it can play in the purchasing decision Determine the optimal price for a new or reformulated product Communications StrategyGain an insight into the elements of messaging which best communicate your positioning strategy and resonate with consumers Understand the potential of communication concepts to cut through, hold attention, and clearly communicate your message New Product PerformanceUnderstand how your new product is perceived in-market and on-shelf, at the moment of purchase decision Monitor the performance of standard production product and packaging in the home and throughout the entire usage period in order to gain early insights on barriers to repeatEolas International uses both trained sensory panelists and consumers to get a better understanding of the sensory characteristics of a product. Eolas International has an on-site sensory research laboratory which includes food preparation facilities.Sensory research can be used for the following:Quality TestingEvaluate samples fresh from factory floor before they reach the consumer Evaluate trade samples/3rd party manufacturers products Ensure sensory quality and consistency across batches Evaluate the effects of package change on product taste Determine the level of deterioration in sensory quality over time Evaluate quality vis-à-vis competitive products Product ReformulationDetect differences in product taste after ingredient/recipe modifications Benchmark sensory attributes of product against the “ideal formulation” Test acceptance by consumers of ingredient substitution/recipe modification New Vendor ApprovalEvaluate products from different suppliers e.g. own-label suppliers Own-label suppliers or manufacturers can validate the quality of goods supplied to multiples New Product DevelopmentThrough QDA (quantitative descriptive analysis), profile and rate new products. Reformulate new products to match the “ideal formulation”(control) or market leader Marketing CommunicationsEffectively communicate the unique sensory qualities of a product or brand Competitive BenchmarkingUnderstand how the sensory attributes of a product compares to the competitionQuality Audits Through our international team of market evaluators, we can monitor the quality of your products against pre-set standards, in selected markets around the world, allowing for accurate cross-border comparisons. This quality assurance takes on added significance for multinational companies monitoring multiple plants or licensed manufacturers. Quality Audits can be undertaken on an ongoing basis, at periodic intervals or to provide a once-off snapshot of your offerings. Our service covers the development of evaluation criteria, to program design and implementation.Evaluation Criteria: Using client expertise and/or consumer market research, we develop relevant evaluation criteria, which will allow for actionable results on completion of project.Program Design: Working with clients, we design evaluation programmes to address issues including:Markets to be covered Number of products to be tested in each market Product selection criteria Testing methodology Result recording and reporting options Programme frequency Implementation: Eolas International performs in-depth product/service evaluations at point of purchase and/or alternative facility. Our evaluators can assess the physical and emotional aspects of a product or service in a retail environment. Point-of-sale evaluation is especially relevant where service is important, products are perishable, time is a constraint, or where clients want a local perspective. Off-site evaluations can be performed at Eolas facilities or with assistance from local market partners.Product Retrieval From a once-off pick-up of 10 samples of breakfast cereal in Azerbaijan, to a regular monthly pick-up of preserves in all European countries, we acquire samples from retail in any number of stores around the world and ship to a destination of your choice for:In-house quality assurance testing Microbiological and/or sensory testing New product development Idea generation Under the product retrieval service, samples can be forwarded directly to a client, or collated by us prior to dispatch. A dedicated logistics team manages all courier and customs clearance issues, leaving you to simply await delivery. We are also registered with the US FDA for food and beverage shipments to America.Competitor Benchmarking Whether developing new products, assessing existing products, or investigating new markets, Eolas International offers companies the opportunity to benchmark and make educated product strategy decisions. We can track:Number of competitors and range reviews New product offerings, new entrants and product departures Package types, sizes and appearance Product descriptions and positioning policies Cultural differences Ingredients listing Trade age analysis Pricing Chain store policies and monopolistic situations Vending or chilled cabinet location, shelf allocation and stocking rates Rates of sale, sale trends and promotional program";

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