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Giving the Patient a Voice

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The Patient Perspective

There is no such thing as ‘a patient‘. All patients are different across pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

The ‘patient’ is playing an ever more informed role in helping to design their own experiences and we couldn’t be more in alignment.

Why Eolas?

We are all about reaching your patient/ users, capturing the natural experience as it unfolds in real-time. From the pre-launch phase through the launch and in-market stages, we offer you the crucial information, amplifying the voice of the patient/ use.

Our global capabilities allow us to create, develop and execute global end to end multi study projects with speed and agility.

We are used to adherence to strict regulations and leverage stringent quality control protocols.

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Our Approach

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Through our Eolas Qual X platform we provide real-time insights, customised dashboards, and multi-filtered dynamic reporting. We adopt a consultative approach pre and post insights delivery which leads to strong client partnerships.

Our breadth of data in one platform impacts change cross functionally within client teams. We empower patients to play a pivotal role in shaping their own product experiences, providing perspectives, preferences to improve patient outcomes that maximise commercial effectiveness.


“I’m especially convinced of your unique offer of real patient focus, project management, insights expertise, digital platform  and sourcing/logistics. Your strategic insights have influenced change internally, shaping the critical commercial decisions that need to be made”

Senior Corporate Superiority Lead-Global Healthcare Company

Eolas International 131
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