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Product and Retail Intelligence

Delivering critical intelligence from retail or e-commerce in real-time, on how your products are truly performing.

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We deliver powerful, real-time insights on how your products are truly performing in the market; in-store, via e-commerce and during usage.

Every year we conduct more than 250,000 technical quality assessments globally, evaluating retailer performance, package appearance and product quality and trade age. Our retail programs deliver the lead quality indicators and tailored metrics that help leading brands improve overall product quality and performance.


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Our researcher network can retrieve products from more than 120 markets for additional testing and capture additional data or gather other information in retailers such as competitor information, product ingredient details and new product launch metrics.

Our Solutions

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Retail Audits

Real-time intelligence for pack and product performance within brick & mortar retail.

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Trade sampling

Delivering global retail and e-commerce shelves to your door.

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E-Commerce Audit

Real-time intelligence for pack and product performance through e-commerce channels.

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Product Launchpad

Visibility of new product launch performance within the critical first 100 days.

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  • Retail Intelligence

    Alcoholic Beverage Retail Audit

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