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Streamlining Product Sourcing, Blinding and  Shipping for Global Market Studies

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Streamlining Product Sourcing, Blinding and Shipping for Global Market Studies


Project Background

A leading global consumer healthcare company, faced significant challenges in sourcing products and blinding them across multiple global markets for their studies. This process was time-consuming, resource-intensive, and diverted focus from their core business objectives.

Group 8419
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Group 8419

Client Objectives

Our client wanted to streamline their research processes by outsourcing the product sourcing and blinding and shipping aspect of their studies. They sought a reliable partner who could efficiently manage this critical component, allowing them to allocate more time to achieving optimal results from their research studies.

Our Solution

Recognizing the client’s need for a seamless and hassle-free solution, Eolas International stepped in to provide end-to-end support for product sourcing, blinding, and logistics management. Leveraging our extensive network and expertise in consumer research, we devised a tailored approach to meet the unique requirements of each study across various global markets.

Group 8419

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How did this service help our client?

By entrusting Eolas International with the product sourcing and blinding/ shipping responsibilities, our clients  experienced several key benefits:

Focus on Core Activities: With the burden of product logistics lifted, our client could redirect their focus and resources towards their core competencies, reviewing market insights and shaping the decisions needed to be taken as a result.

Time and Cost Savings: Our efficient handling of product sourcing and blinding and shipping resulted in significant time and cost savings for the client. By eliminating the need for in-house coordination or engaging multiple partners, our client optimised their operational efficiency and budget allocation.

Reduced Complexity: Our streamlined approach simplified the entire process of product sourcing and blinding and shipping, reducing complexity and mitigating potential risks associated with global logistics.

Enhanced Study Quality: With reliable and timely delivery of products to designated testing locations, our client could ensure the integrity and accuracy of their study results, enhancing the overall quality of their research outcomes.

Benefits of our service

Partnering with Eolas International yielded numerous advantages for our client, including:

Seamless integration of product logistics into their research projects.

Enhanced efficiency and resource optimization.

Improved study quality and reliability of findings.

Greater agility and scalability to meet evolving market demands.

Competitive advantage through focus on core business objectives.

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