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Transforming Reporting with Customised Dashboard Solutions 

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Transforming Reporting with Customised Dashboard Solutions 


Project Background

In the past, our client relied on large, static PowerPoint reports for each study, which were distributed as email attachments. This method proved cumbersome and inefficient, as the information was not easily navigable and did not allow for interactive engagement with the data. With a growing need for a more dynamic reporting system, we offered a completely different solution of dynamic dashboards, all data in one place, from which we could create short summaries.

Group 8419
Group 8419

Client Objectives

The primary goal was to transition from static reporting to a more dynamic and interactive system that could house all studies within the global program. The client wanted a platform that allowed users to filter results by various categories such as brand, pack format, and country. They aimed to minimize the reliance on lengthy reports and improve accessibility to data for strategic decision-making. 

Our Solution

To meet the client’s needs, we developed a customized dashboard reporting portal. This platform was tailored specifically to the client’s metrics and requirements.  The portal not only houses all studies but also enables dynamic filtering for targeted analysis.  

Group 8419

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How did this service help our client?

Our custom dashboard eliminated the inefficiency of long email attachments, saving time and improving data interaction. This timely access to data empowers quicker strategic decisions and enhances the ability to address market changes proactively. Furthermore, the streamlined and interactive nature of the dashboard makes it easier for the client to provide internal updates and present findings during board meetings, Senior Leadership Team (SLT) assemblies, and other executive discussions.

Benefits of our service

The benefits of our dynamic reporting portal are multifaceted:

Efficiency: Reduced time spent on sifting through extensive reports. 

Accessibility: Centralized data hub with user-friendly filtering options. 

Customization: Tailored to specific client needs and metrics. 

Timeliness: Real-time updates provide current data for immediate analysis. 

Boardroom Readiness: Facilitates preparation for internal presentations with up-to-date insights  

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