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Modernizing In-Home Usage Tests (IHUTs) with Technology-Driven Solutions

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Modernizing In-Home Usage Tests (IHUTs) with Technology-Driven Solutions

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Project Background

Our client, a prominent global healthcare company, relied on traditional methods for conducting In-Home Usage Tests (IHUTs), which were resource-intensive. Manual data collection processes, along with the need for extensive human resources and fieldwork coordination, led to significant time and operational headaches.

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Group 8419
Eolas International 214
Group 8419

Client Objectives

Seeking to streamline their IHUT processes, our client aimed to explore innovative approaches that could enhance efficiency and accuracy while minimizing resource requirements. They sought a partner capable of introducing technology-driven solutions to their research methodologies.

Our Solution

Eolas International proposed a significant shift in IHUT execution by leveraging technology to empower consumers/ users to participate from the comfort of their homes, using the products in their natural environment. Through our Eolas QualX technology, participants could seamlessly provide feedback and data in real-time, eliminating the need for extensive fieldwork and manual data collation.

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How did this service help our client?

By embracing our technology-driven approach to IHUTs, our client realized a multitude of benefits:

Faster and More Accurate Data Collection:

Our innovative platform facilitated real-time data collection, enabling faster insights into consumer/user behavior and product usage patterns.
The elimination of manual data entry and processing enhanced the accuracy and reliability of the collected data, minimizing errors and inconsistencies.

Cost Efficiencies
Reduced reliance on human resources and fieldwork optimised operational expenses associated with supervision, and travel.

Language Translation Capabilities:

Our Eolas QualX app allowed for efficient creation of questionnaires in local language of each market
This streamlined communication across diverse markets, enabled our client to conduct IHUTs on a global scale with greater efficiency and accessibility.

Benefits of Our Service:

Partnering with Eolas International for modernising IHUTs delivered the following advantages:

Faster Data Collection: By enabling users to participate in the study from home, we drastically reduced the time required to collect data, allowing for quicker insights into user behavior and preferences.

Improved Accuracy: The digital platform facilitated more accurate data collection, eliminating errors associated with manual recording and transcription processes..

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