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Global Insights – Personal care industry- A Two-Cycle Client Case Study

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Global Insights – Personal care industry- A Two-Cycle Client Case Study

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Project Background

Our client, a prominent player in the personal care industry commissioned a comprehensive project to enhance their understanding of market dynamics, competitor products, and their own product positioning. The project spanned over two cycles in a 12 month period, covering 1000 retail outlets in 50 countries across 180 cities and surpassing 150,000 evaluations

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Client Objectives

The client sought to gain insights into their product performance, competitor positioning, and prevailing market trends on a global scale. The magnitude of the project required a sophisticated solution that could efficiently manage data from diverse locations while providing real-time visibility.

Our Solution

We deployed our team of Global researchers combining on the ground assessments with advanced data management and reporting tools using our QualX technology. Over two cycles, our team visited 1000 stores in 50 countries, conducting over 150,000 assessments of both our client’s products and competitors. Rigorous evaluations covered key parameters including product presentation, shelf visibility, pricing strategies, package appearance and overall brand presence.

Comprehensive Dashboard for Global Visibility: We developed a user-friendly dashboard that provided a comprehensive view of assessments across all 180 cities. The dashboard allowed the client to filter data based on product categories, markets, and specific parameters, facilitating in-depth analysis

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How did this service help our client?

At the conclusion of each cycle, we presented the client with detailed reports containing actionable insights and recommendations. These insights were derived from our robust assessments, providing a strategic roadmap for product positioning and market adaptation.

Through the power of our global approach combined with cutting-edge technology and results dashboards, we enabled our client to navigate the dynamic personal care market with agility and precision. The comprehensive data and strategic recommendations have positioned our client for sustained success and maintaining a competitive edge

Benefits of our service

Gobal Footprint : A thorough understanding of market dynamics acrosss 50 countries enhanced the client’s global positioning

Real-time insights: Instant access to assessments through the dashboard empowered the client with real-time decision-making capabilities

Strategic Planning: Actionable insights and recommendations enabled the client to adapt strategies, ensuring a competitive edge in diverse markets

Efficient resource allocation : Precise data on product performance and competitor positioning facilitated targeted resource allocation and market prioritisation

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