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On Trade Market Intelligence Audit

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On Trade Market Intelligence Audit

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Project Background

In the dynamic landscape of the beverage industry, our client, a key player in the sector, embarked on a strategic initiative to gain insights into market dynamics, competitor products, and the positioning of their own beverages. The project spanned across quarterly cycles, covering 8 countries and 25 locations in Asia, conducting detailed audits in 1220 outlets. Our mission was to complete over 3660 assessments each cycle, meticulously evaluating both our client’s products and those of their competitors.

Group 8419
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Group 8419

Client Objectives

The client aimed to elevate their market intelligence by understanding the trade age/freshness, package appearance, pricing strategies, and overall brand presence of their products compared to competitors. With a focus on Asia’s diverse markets, the client sought a solution that could efficiently manage data from a multitude of locations while providing insights to drive strategic decision-making.

Our Solution

To meet the distinctive challenges of the beverage industry, using our Global Network of Researchers we introduced a tailored approach that combined on-site audits with advanced data analytics and reporting tools. We conducted quarterly audits in 8 countries, covering 25 locations in Asia. These audits evaluated 1220 outlets, completing over 3660 product assessments across key parameters: trade age/freshness, package appearance, price, and brand presence each cycle.

We implemented innovative Eolas technology through the use of our QualX data management & reporting system that facilitated the collection and real time analysis of vast datasets. A customised dashboard was developed that offered a regional view of assessments across Asia.It allowed the client to filter data based on product categories, locations, and specific parameters, providing granular insights into market trends.

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How did this service help our client?

By Eolas completing multiple audits across the Asian market it allowed the client to receive in-depth actionable insights into regional variation. These insights allowed the client to tailor strategies to diverse Asian markets. The actionable insights provided by Eolas also guided the client to adapt their marketing strategies based on results focusing on trade age, package appearance , pricing & brand presence.

The use of Eolas’ innovative technology & comprehensive reporting tools allowed our client to make agile and data driven decisions. From completing regular audits in the market the client received a competitive edge in the market by ensuring their offerings were continually evolving to meet consumer expectations.

Benefits of our service

Insights into product performance versus competitors allowing clients to build & adapt their business strategies.

An understanding of regional marketplaces.

Competitive edge as clients are up to date on consumer expectations

Real-time actionable insights via powerful dashboard reporting

Comparative results across markets allowing clients to track improvements and changes across the marketplace

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