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A Real-World Approach to Consumer Research

Our lives today move at pace, we’re always on, always connected and always busy. We are more distracted than ever, being pulled in different directions by the thousands of stimuli that try to nudge or impress upon our daily routines. We are also in constant flux with macro issues that are shaping the world that we live in, be it the cost-of-living crisis, eco- anxiety or post-pandemic lifestyles. 

As researchers, we need to stay ahead of consumer trends and evolving retail environments and it is more important than ever to identify and understand what is driving consumer attitudes and behaviours.

However, we must move away from our reliance on listening to what consumers say and instead evaluate what they do. Consumers’ memories of an experience are often very different to the actual event and those memories can quickly deteriorate the further away from the event we engage them.  To deliver true consumer understanding we need to get as close as possible to their realities, walk their journeys alongside them, so that we understand their natural experiences and the subsequent in-moment impact. 

Today, we need a real-world approach, one that can deliver more research at speed, drive more results and do so cost effectively. 

Our QualX platform seamlessly fits with the lives of consumers enabling us to step into their world to evaluate natural experiences and capture immediate reactions and decisions as they unfold in real time. Walking through the complete consumer journey, we evaluate how the various touchpoints influence behaviour and decision making and how they combine to make up the holistic experience. 

We connect with consumers all around the world at speed, driving greater representation and diversity in response. We are present in hard-to-reach environments in a more cost efficient and geo-targeted manner. The engaging nature of the process delivers greater quality of response as consumers enjoy reflecting on their journey at a time that is convenient to them. Our flexible and intuitive tool plays a critical role in delivering exceptional consumer experiences by involving them in a co-creation process as they ultimately help to design their own experiences with products. 

QualX is a full solution platform, not only does it capture real and genuine consumer connections, it processes and reports responses in real time. Through our suite of reporting options, these real time insights provide a clear picture of how we are performing today, facilitating faster decision making. 

The fundamentals of research remain the same, we need to explore, listen, understand, triangulate and analyse. QualX enables us to action these skills at a greater speed, with greater reach and at a reduced cost. Leveraging these benefits, we can ultimately deliver more value and impactful insight.

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