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Consumer & Sensory Research | HFSS Regulations

In October 2022 the UK Government will place new restrictions on the promotion of High Fat Salt Sugar (HFSS) products.

These regulations will impact on the promotion of a large range of product categories such as; soft drinks, pizza, sweets, cakes, breakfast cereals etc. This policy aims to legislate around the promotion of HFSS products in areas such as volume promotions, price promotions, store location etc.

Full details available here.

In preparation for these incoming legislative changes many Eolas clients have been working on reformulating HFSS products, primarily through sugar and salt reduction.

Do you need help reducing the fat, sugar or salt content in products?

Through Sensory & Consumer research, we have been helping brands who will be impacted by this legislation to reformulate their products, without compromising on taste and quality, If you would like to talk to our team about Sensory and Consumer research please contact our Commercial Director Maria O’Toole by email: maria@eolasinternational.com

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