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Who We Are

Eolas – Pronounced: ‘O-Las’
‘Eolas’ meaning ‘Knowledge’ in the Irish language, was founded in Ireland by our CEO Aiden Lee some 20 years ago.

What started out as a small company, focused on providing in-market product quality assessments, has since grown to become an industry leader in the fields of consumer, product and retail intelligence. We’ve spent the last two decades expanding our global footprint, with offices located in Ireland and the US.

We have a field network of researchers active in more than 120 countries globally.

Our Mission

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It is our belief that your products should consistently delight consumers. Through our three business divisions, we provide a fully comprehensive set of solutions for our clients to capture key insights on marketplace performance, product quality and consumer experience.

Our Values



We are passionate about quality and it has always been at the heart of everything we do. We demand quality solutions, recruitment and data so that we can confidently deliver a quality service that exceeds client expectations.



Our people are exceptional at what they do, when you work with Eolas, our team will become an extension of your own. We take a people first approach, building long lasting relationships with our clients and colleagues.



We are champions of innovation – striving to deliver leading in class solutions, ahead of the curve. We take feedback on board, work to simplify processes and provide solutions that clients need, before they even know it!



We understand that no two people, projects or clients are the same. We take a flexible approach to our work, adapting our methods and technology for each unique situation.



We lead by example, fostering an environment centred on inclusion, trust and ethics. With a collective commitment to always doing the right thing, we deliver insights and data our clients can trust.

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Our People

Our people are a diverse and talented bunch, among the best in their fields.

We’re laser-focused on creating value – combining years of industry experience, with new innovations to deliver exceptional solutions for clients. We’re invested in the growth and success of our people. As a team we are passionate, celebrating curiosity and collaboration. Our people are thought leaders, combining the right balance of creativity and technical expertise that shape an exciting future for Eolas.


  • al

    Aiden Lee

    Founder & CEO

  • Martina Daly 2 1

    Martina Daly

    Finance & HR Director

  • Maria O Toole 2 1

    Maria O’Toole

    Commercial Director

  • Killian O Neill 1 1

    Killian O Neill

    Product & Retail Intelligence Director

  • Brian Froggatt 1 1

    Brian Froggatt

    IT Director

  • Tom Collins 1 1

    Tom Collins

    Global Insights Director

  • Shanice Twohig 1 1

    Shanice Twohig

    Consumer Research Manager

  • Martin Byrnes 1 1

    Martin Byrnes

    Head of Global Retail Audit

  • Aoife Clancy 1 1

    Aoife Clancy

    LabSens Manager

  • Valerie Leahy 2 1

    Valerie Leahy

    Finance Manager

  • SK (1)

    Sharon Keohane

    Strategic Account Manager


  • Caroline Everitt 1

    Caroline Everitt

    VP Operations – North America

  • dm

    David Mordini

    VP MARKET RESEARCH – North America

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Our Global Researcher Network

Our global network is at the heart of everything we do at Eolas. We rely on our network of trained researchers to capture the data that brings our solutions to life. Every year our researchers assess over 250,000 samples in stores, online and in their homes, in more than 120 markets worldwide.

Join our ever growing network

We are always looking for new researchers in international locations. If you are interested in becoming a researcher with Eolas, you can click here to find out more about these flexible, part time roles.

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