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Global Beverage Brand’s Competitor Monitoring

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Global Beverage Brand’s Competitor Monitoring

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Monitoring of client competitor products for silent formulation changes

Project Background

In response to the growing need for comprehensive competitor monitoring in the food industry, our client, a leading player in the market, engaged our global network of researchers to conduct periodic assessments of ingredient and nutritional changes in competitor products. The project covered multiple categories and locations across 30 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America, totalling over 600 stores and 4500 assessments. The objective was to capture subtle changes linked to the gradual reduction of key focus ingredients or ingredient substitutions.

Group 8419
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Group 8419

Client Objectives

Our client sought to systematically monitor competitor products across various markets to capture ingredient and nutritional changes. They needed a structured approach to gather this information and gain key insights into market trends and competitor strategies.

Our Solution

Utilising our QualX technology, our researchers conducted on-the-ground assessments, capturing photographs of the front and back labels of competitor products in each market. Data was uploaded to an online portal, where it was cleaned, translated, and presented clearly.

The portal allowed the client to filter data based on market, category, product, and ingredient of interest. Our global network of researchers completed over 4500 assessments in more than 600 stores across 30 countries. Assessments focused on capturing ingredient and nutritional changes, with photographs of product labels providing detailed insights.

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How did this service help our client?

After each cycle, we compared data between cycles to highlight formulation changes. We delivered separate insights documents analysing market trends for product and ingredient types, as well as key learnings over time. Following each cycle, we reviewed the program to identify improvements and incorporate evolving areas of interest for the client.

Benefits of our Competitor Monitoring service…

Targeted and up-to-date category, market, and product intelligence readily available.

Ability to filter and review thousands of data points to compare products and points in time.

Insights reports per cycle to share with other stakeholders in the client’s business.

Photographs of all products as they are presented in the market.

Customisation of the program to suit the client’s specific needs.

Exploration of additional areas of interest, such as new product lines.

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