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Comprehensive E-Commerce Evaluation: Usability, Delivery, and Consumer Experience

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Comprehensive E-Commerce Evaluation: Usability, Delivery, and Consumer Experience

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Real-time intelligence for pack and product performance through e-commerce.

Project Background

Our client in Italy aimed to conduct a comprehensive E-Commerce store check in Europe. The objective was to evaluate the performance of three E-Commerce channels by placing multiple orders and assessing various metrics. Each channel was to have 20 orders placed per city with 6 cities per country with predefined products and quantities. The focus areas included E-Commerce performance, First Moment Of Truth (FMOT), and Second Moment Of Truth (SMOT)

Eolas International 214
Group 8419
Eolas International 214
Group 8419

Client Objectives

  • Assess the usability and information quality of the E-Commerce websites.
  • Evaluate the delivery times and the quality of the delivered packages.
  • Analyse the product appeal, packaging, and any damages upon delivery.
  • Specifically examine the opening experience, appearance, smell, taste, and texture as part of SMOT.

Our Solution

  • We devised a strategic approach to meet the client’s objectives effectively using our in house Qualx platform and reporting using our customised data portal:
  • Researcher Deployment: Researcher based in 6 cities per country were tasked with conducting the E-Commerce store checks.
  • Order Placement Strategy: Orders were placed at different times and days over four weeks to capture a comprehensive view of the E-Commerce services.

Detailed Assessment Metrics:

  • E-Commerce Performance (POS): Evaluated website usability, delivery times, and quality of delivery packages.
  • First Moment Of Truth (FMOT): Assessed product appeal on the website, packaging quality, and noted any damages upon delivery.
  • Second Moment Of Truth (SMOT): Focused on the opening experience, appearance, taste, smell, and texture of the product.
Eolas International 214
Group 8419


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How did this service help our client?

By implementing this detailed and structured approach, the client achieved several benefits:

Comprehensive Insights: The auditors provided detailed feedback on the usability and efficiency of the E-Commerce platforms.

Enhanced Customer Experience Analysis: The evaluations of FMOT and SMOT provided valuable insights into the consumer experience from online purchase to product usage.

Operational Efficiency: The strategic placement of orders allowed the client to identify any inconsistencies or areas for improvement in their E-Commerce operations.

Data-Driven Decisions: The collected data empowered the client to make informed decisions to enhance their E-Commerce service and product offerings.

Benefits of our Comprehensive E-Commerce Evaluation:

Accurate Representation: By spreading the order placements over different times and days, across multiple cities across it showcased a realistic representation of the E-Commerce service that was captured.

Detailed Analysis: Comprehensive assessments at each stage (POS, FMOT, and SMOT) provided in-depth insights into the entire customer journey.

Quality Assurance: The focus on product quality and delivery ensured any issues were promptly identified and addressed.

Consumer Satisfaction: The insights from SMOT, helped improve product features that directly impact consumer satisfaction.

Qualx Platform: our ability to design and execute a tailored E-Commerce evaluation strategy that meets client objectives and delivers actionable insights for continuous improvement.

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