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E-commerce – Audit of product and packaging quality

Eolas International 214
Group 8419

E-commerce Audit of product and packaging quality

product and Retail Intelligence

Real-time intelligence for pack and product performance through e-commerce.

Project Background

We partnered with a global CPG company to take a proactive approach to the measurement of pack and product quality performance within the e-commerce channel. Previous research conducted by Eolas on behalf of the client, found that up to 1/3 of delivered products, arrived to the consumer with notable defects.

Eolas International 214
Group 8419
Eolas International 214
Group 8419

Client Objectives

The challenge was to understand the full incidence and extent of quality issues. Subsequently they wished to understand the impact upon experience and re-purchase intent with consumers and explore what consumers valued most as part of their packaging experience considering both primary and secondary packaging elements.

Our Solution

We developed a bespoke e-commerce experience program, evaluating 9 products sold through one major US e-tailer. We recruited real consumers of the products who then completed a full e-commerce journey, purchasing 6 product types. Using our Eolas QualX platform, they recorded their experiences and reactions at each touchpoint, including; delivery experience, secondary packaging, protective packaging, product packaging and product quality.

Eolas International 214
Group 8419


Group 8178

How did this service help our client?

By proactively engaging with real consumers our client was able to identify which defects were driving negative consumer experience and which had a detrimiental impact on future purchase intent.

Additionaly, they were able to understand the performance of different types of primary and secondary packaging in the prevention or causation of defects. As a result they were able to rectify the issues with certain packaging types to ensure that they could consistently deliver a superior experience for their consumers.

Benefits of our E-commerce Audit of service…

Insight into how your products and/or competitors are performing

Understand the impact of
e-commerce distribution chain and basket of goods effect

Visibility of experience and performance within a harder to reach channel

Rich visual data for unboxing and experience with additional packaging

Real-time insights via powerful dashboard reporting

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