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Elevating Consumer/ User Experience and Product Superiority

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Elevating Consumer/ User Experience and Product Superiority


Project Background

Eolas International was tasked with conducting a comprehensive user experience project, aimed at understanding client superiority in a variety of markets across a range of categories and SKUs.

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Group 8419
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Group 8419

Client Objectives

The primary objectives of the project were:

Market Analysis: Conduct robust user experience studies across different markets, categories, pack formats and flavours

Superiority status: Focusing on user experience, product functionality and sensory attributes.

Attribute Identification: Identify key product and packaging attributes that differentiate client products within the market.

Actionable Insights: Deliver strategic recommendations based on empirical data to help our client to prioritize areas of focus and improvement.

Our Solutions

Eolas International employed a variety of research methodologies:

User Experience Studies: Multi-market studies were performed to gather insights into user behaviours and preferences.

Sensory Evaluation: Detailed assessments of product functionality and sensory performance were conducted.

Max Diff Analysis: Utilized to determine the relative importance of various product and packaging attributes.

Statistical Difference Testing: Conducted to ensure significant data findings at a 95% confidence level.

Group 8419

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How did this service help our client?

Eolas International’s comprehensive analysis and tailored solutions empowered our client to advance their product superiority and optimize User Experience.
The research provided our client with critical insights that enabled them to:
Enhance Product Offerings: Adjust and innovate their product features based on User feedback and competitive analysis.
Strategic Decision Making: Implement data-driven strategies to maintain and enhance market superiority.
User Experience Approach: Refine their marketing and product development approach to focus more on user needs and expectations.

The successful completion of this project underscored Eolas’s expertise in transforming detailed market insights into strategic actions demonstrating its role as a leader in User & Product Experience and research.

Benefits of our service

The Key benefits provided include:

User Experience Insights: Detailed understanding of user pain points and preferences that helped identify “must-have” attributes for our client products.

Superiority Scorecard: Developed a custom scorecard that measured our client’s products against competitors, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

UX Score Metrics: Created a user experience score, driven by ease of opening, product appearance, and taste, which quantified the User experience effectively.


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