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Competitor Monitoring

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Competitor Monitoring Case Study

product and Retail Intelligence

Monitoring of client competitor products for silent formulation changes

Project Background

We engaged our global network of
researchers to periodically monitor any
ingredient and nutritional changes to
our client’s competitor products across
categories within a number of markets.

Group 8419
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Group 8419

Client Objectives

Specifically, our client wished to capture any silent changes linked with a gradual reduction of certain focus ingredients or ingredient substitutions which were not outwardly promoted on pack or through advertising or marketing campaigns. Prior to our involvement the client received ad-hoc information from their markets but didn’t have a central location to capture the information or a structured approach to analysing what may be of most relevance.

Our Solution

Through use of our QualX technology, our researchers captured photographs of the front and back labels of all products of interest in each market and uploaded the data to an online portal where it was cleaned, translated and clearly presented.
Portal functionality enabled our client to filter the data based on market, category, product and ingredient of interest. After each in-market monitoring cycle, we focused on comparing data between cycles and highlighting changes that were occurring in formulations. We delivered a separate Insights document analysing market trends for product and ingredient type and the key learnings for our client. Following each cycle, we reviewed the programme to identify improvements and incorporate any evolving areas of interest for our client.

Group 8419

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how did this service help our client?

Today, our client’s R&D team has up to date information on their competitor’s
reformulation activity, ingredients and nutritional information across the full range of
categories and markets of interest. They can interrogate this information further by
filtering data by market, category, product and ingredients to track and fully
understand what is happening in each market, what is changing and when any
changes occurred.

Benefits of our Competitor Monitoring service…

Targeted and up to date category, market and product intelligence at your fingertips.

Ability to filter and review 1,000’s of data points to compare products and points in time.

Insights report per cycle to share with other stakeholders in your business.

Photographs of all products as they are presented in the market.

Customisation of the program to suit your needs.

Exploration of additional areas of interest e.g., New Product Launches

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