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Trade Sampling for NPD Teams

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Trade Sampling for NPD Teams

product and Retail Intelligence

Delivering global retail and e-commerce shelves to your door.

Project Background

As part of a full UK beverage category review, an Irish private label supplier leveraged Eolas International’s trade sampling service to obtain product samples from the UK market.

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Client Objectives

Our client sought an alternative solution to their usual sourcing process which was both time and cost intensive. It required a member of their NPD team to fly to the UK, rent a car, visit numerous stores and fly back with the samples as luggage. They sought a quicker turnaround and greater reliability in sample sourcing having previously encountered challenges with availability and accuracy.

Our Solution

Confirming the required samples with our client, we deploy a number of our local trained researchers from our UK network to:

  1. Purchase the required samples.
  2. Pack and ship to the client’s facilities
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Group 8419


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How did this service help our client?

We overcame previous challenges, accurately sourcing the necessary samples and cost effectively delivered against a tight timeline. Our client’s NPD team were able to focus resources on a critical development process and retailer submission.

Benefits of our Trade Sampling service…

Access to any product from around the world

Efficient transit ensures that product data is reflective of the current market reality

Leverage full competitor visibility, understanding new and emerging products in your category

Capture additional data at point of purchase

Extensive experience with temperature controlled dairy products, liquids and alcoholic beverages

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