Consumer Research

Our Consumer Services

We can talk to your consumers to help you provide the best possible products they require. We have the unique capability to integrate the results from our trained sensory panellists with outcomes from consumer research, which gives you valuable insights into your products in a cost efficient manner. At Eolas, we are experienced in conducting qualitative and quantitative research for clients across a number of locations.

Client Experience

Launch of New Product

An international cider company wanted to launch a new cider flavour. Before going to market, the client wanted to ensure that at least one prototype matched or bettered the competition.
Eolas International was engaged to conduct consumer taste tests. We conducted blind-taste tests of multiple samples of the client prototypes and a competitor cider, and rated the samples on various sensory attributes, drinkability, and purchase intent. Consumers were also asked to give feedback on the proposed packaging concept and different product name options.

Project Outcome

From our research results, it was clear that one client prototype was much preferred to the other, scoring well against the competitor. With some tweaking based on the sensory results, it was deemed ready for market.
In addition, concise output in relation to the packaging allowed the client marketing team to progress their packaging concepts with confidence.