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The Power of Trusting the Inner Voice of the Business

Eolas International Employee View

Engaging employees to enhance product quality

So here we are, going into our final quarter tracking our product quality in an effort to answer those key questions, yet it feels like we are still missing a piece of the puzzle.  That final piece that turns data into insight, where everything aligns and we have that eureka moment which finally helps us understand not just what is happening in regards to our product quality, but why?

In a world where we rely on the voice of consumers more than ever, where we have carefully selected our objectives and key results and identified those metrics that matter most, have we forgotten our own voice?

That’s not to say for one moment the consumer voice is not paramount in understanding what is important in regards to our product quality. I simply pose the question of whether there is an inner voice to the business which we have perhaps neglected in recent times.

When we think about the number of employees working on and for our products on a daily basis, are we sitting on an untapped resource of valuable insights?

After all, employees are also consumers. As employees, they may know your product inside and out, understand all the benefits, but as a consumer themselves they may have a different view. A view that can be trusted as it is captured through the lens of someone who is engaged with the business and the products it produces.

This is the missing piece of the puzzle, the inner voice of reason and clarity we have been crying out for. Trusted clarity that can help knit together your data from social listening, quality audit programs, and consumer call lines. An engaged employee can be the difference between good products and great products, so imagine what could be achieved with a network of engaged employees across the business as a whole.

If you could leverage your network of employees and be in the moment with them as they engage with your products, imagine what you might learn. Someone who understands the process will add insight to an issue they come across. They have the opportunity to view quality issues through both the eyes of the consumer and the eyes of an employee, almost acting as a translator with perfect understanding. If you can channel those added insights, and integrate them into your other data streams, you suddenly have the potential to introduce clarity to complex issues.

Effectively managing these engaged employees can seem a daunting task, and collecting and integrating the data back into your other functions requires technical knowhow.  What if there was a readymade solution in the form of a data collection and reporting platform, which enables you to engage your network of employees across the topics that were most important to understanding your product quality?

How can we help?

Originally designed to engage consumers and auditors across quality programs, Eolas has added another layer to their platform and it has now been made available to our trusted clients.  Eolas works with you to determine your needs acting as a consultant and partner in the process.  We have you covered when it comes to survey creation, sharing a flexible mobile application across your network, and creating reports complete with valuable insights.  We can even integrate with your other data streams to help provide you a perfect complement to your quality toolkits.  You bring the problems and Eolas will help build the solution and tailor it to suit your needs.

Our flexible platform comes equipped with a range of data collection toolsets to help engage your employee network complete with photo, video, geolocation, automatic translations, barcode scanning and more. We even have gamification and incentive tools built in to help drive engagement.

Isn’t it time we started trusting that inner voice again?

Eolas can help you connect with your employees to leverage valuable insights, ideas, and innovations.

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