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Trade Sampling

We retrieved 6 newly launched product ranges in Africa for a global Beverage Client. As part of this process, we evaluated the store environment, package condition, and shipped the products to client labs for further testing.

Business Challenge

Having entered a new African market through the launch of a new product range, a global beverage manufacturer needed to follow through with the launch and monitor its performance. They needed to evaluate its success across various integration points such as the in-store environment, package condition & appearance, and analysis of market samples for the 6 products.

Project Challenge

As this had just been launched, distribution was fragmented within the market and on-shelf samples were not so widely available. Subchannels involved a mix of traditional trade and modern retail, however, visibility as to the final point of sale was limited.

How did we help? We leveraged our extensive network of auditors, mobilising those in the local market to complete an on the ground audit. Locations were researched to identify where the product was available and then an assessment was completed as to the conditions of sale and the in-store conditions.

In order to complete the final objective of sample analysis, our auditors purchased the samples from each location and shipped them directly to our client’s laboratories for testing.

What was the impact on the business? We uncovered a significant gap in the supply chain, which was creating severe issues with product availability. Only 4 of the 6 products were found in market, contrary to the understanding that our client had going into the project.

Immediate attention was given to the supply chain to rectify the situation. The program continued to run for a period of 6 months so that products were introduced and established. The on-shelf samples were analysed, taking into account the in-market factors (storage conditions, appearance and freshness) to identify if these correlated with the technical standards.

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