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Eolas Launchpad for Innovation -Pre & Post Launch Product Testing

We worked with a large FMCG client to stress test their new, more sustainable packaging for a personal care product pre and post-launch.

Business Challenge

In line with their Sustainability strategy, a FMCG multinational was due to launch a series of new environmentally friendly packaging within the personal care category. Ahead of launch, they wished to stress test the appeal and impact of concept, the aesthetics and the on pack comms to ensure that it was ready to roll out.

Project Challenge

Aesthetically, the packaging differed from the current range as a result of using new material. Whilst there was a sustainability benefit to the package, they needed to understand the consumer perception and expectations of the new pack and to understand the impact on experience and purchase. As this had not been launched yet, the feedback would be ‘claimed responses’ and therefore we would need to validate actual in-store experience once launched.

How did we help? We developed high quality and interactive 3D images of the new products and packaging which were then evaluated by a sample of consumers using our Eolas Flexicollect App.

The virtual innovations were evaluated against key metrics such as Aesthetic Appeal, Condition & Material observation, Perception of Susceptibility to defects, the Pack Unit and Comms (messages & instructions). We measured the claimed impact on experience and purchase as a result of this virtual innovation.

The results validated the roll out of the packaging to market. Once it had a chance to embed, we undertook a post-launch phase with the same consumer sample criteria. Using the same tool, we measured actual in-market performance across the metrics and also explored the impact of other variables such as the retail environment and the competitive set.

What was the impact on the business? Completing a pre-launch test allowed the business to confidently sign off on the roll out of the new packaging having validated with consumers.

This stage also provided a benchmark of consumer experience that could be tested once it had been launched. The post-launch research identified the relationship between actual behaviour vs. claimed behaviour as a result of the real-life experience. We found that the metric of comms and messaging required attention. Consumers were failing to understand the aesthetic differences of the new pack, highlighted by the lack of messaging clarity & visibility at the point of purchase. This had an impact on other internal teams such as the merchandising and branding teams as a supporting activation campaign was considered.

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